Serenity Anti-decubitus Overlay Mattress and pump EFFECT 5600

Serenity Anti-decubitus Pressure Pump and Overlay Mattress EFFECT 5600

Designed to treat and prevent patient's bedsore during recovery stage I, II and III***

It commonly used in hospital, nursering homes and rehabilitation centers for long term care.

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Product passed safety and quality control:

ISO 9001, ISO 13845, CE, FDA and UL certification



Stage I : Erythema. Poor Blood Circulation resulting in skin erythema.
Stage II: Bleb or Ulcer. The epidermis or dermis is damaged causing the skin to appear bleb or ucler.
Stage III: The epidermis, dermis and subcutaneous tissue are damaged or necrotic. The wound festers/inflamed.


Pump comes with static mode for quick access on air cells inflated and deflated process, low/normal pressure identification light, and adjustable knob for setting comfortable pressure level.

Fixed attachment hook for easy fitting to the bed and air filter.

Build in alarm to warn user of abnormal pressure.

Waterproof TOP COVER, vapor permeable cover provides a low friction surface.

CPR features "Quick Air Release" in emergency situation.

Mattress comes with changeable Air Cell which is easy to replace and clean.

Comes with "Quick Connector" to facilitate the setup process

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