Serenity Cervical Collar

Serenity Cervical Collar designed to be used on a wide range of patients.

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Product passed safety and Quality Control



Come with a lock system that lock fixed position after adjustment

Designed with a hole on a throat area for convenient treatment

Four different level types of height

Shape fits for human neck

Made from a special material that allows X-ray, CAT and MIR scan 

Designed, measured for wide range of patients usage

Can be reused

TYPE available (please refer to pictures for each type)

SR-N1  designed to be used on a wide range of patients, adjustable in height and wide.

             (Available in Adult and child size)

SR-N2  designed with length adjustable according to actual patient.

SR-N4  is "Soft Collar" used in all those emergency situations where rapidity and easy usage is needed

It is expandable E.V.A Material and covered with Vinyl system which is mould-proof, bacterial proof, Liquids proof and easy to clean.

Size: L 63 cm, M 57 cm, S 51 cm

(Please refer to our brochure for more detail information)


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