Palm-Type Digital Sphygmomanometer (SR-LD-20)

The Serenity Palm Type Digital Sphygmomanometer is using Korotkoff's Sound Method Pressure Measurements which it does not required manual range setting to "0". It uses dual digital scale in conjunction with the algorithm which improves the accuracy of the measurement. It is convenient, ergonomical and simple to use.
Recommended for professional and home users.

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Product passed safety and Quality Control:

ISO 9001, ISO 13485, CE and FDA certification



A unique device for professional blood pressure measurement using modern technologies.

Allows accurate detecting of Korotkoff’s sound by pressing the button without need to watch the arrow. Upon completion of the measurement, the result is shown on the display.

Simultaneous displaying of the measurement results in digital form and on a classic scale of an aneroid manometer.

Supply by rechargeable battery (over 200 measurements without recharging) or from the mains.

Automatic zero setting (zero adjustment) at power on.

Nylon Cuff for Upper Arm Circumference 25-36 cm.

The cuff has size marks and a metal fixing ring for convenient use.


Technical specification

Measuring Range 0-300 mmHg

Measuring Accuracy +/- 3 mmHg

Operating Conditions (temperature) +10 °С to +40 °С

Operating Conditions (relative humidity) 85% and below

Weight 305 g

Cuff size 25-36 cm


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