Mercury-free Digital Sphygmomanometer (SR-LD-25)

This device is designed for managing and controlling your Blood Pressure reading, it offers 90 sets of memory with one touch system to cover all operation.It uses  Korotkoff's Sound Method Pressure Measurements. With simultaneous display of scale, it gives precise reading. Recommended for Professional and home users.

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Product passed safety and Quality Control:

ISO 9001, ISO 13485, CE and FDA certification


Korotkoff sound method without mercury

Manual inflation and deflation

Simultaneous display of digital and scale makes the readings more precise

90¡ and 100¡ viewing angle design makes the operation more conveniently

More economy with only AAx2 batteries to be used

Backlight display

Automatic power off after 3 minutes of no operation

Low battery indication

One-touch operation to record the measurement result

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