Serenity Surgical and Gynaecology Suction Unit SRDF350

High Quality Surgical and Gynaecology Suction unit (Aspirator) with outer shall of the instrument adopted by ABS material. Clear simple lines and nice looking appearance create a new enjoyment for users.

User friendly design with outstanding technology, widely used in hospitals, clinics, nursing homes and home cares.

Environmental friendly.


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Product passed safety and quality control:

ISO 9001, ISO 13485, and CE certification



Digital Vacuum Monitor is used to show the suction power for easy reading.

The suction tube directly connects to the suction bottle, so users can easily wash it. It’s sanitary & safe.

The handle attached to the suction bottle makes users easily lift and wash it.

The foot switch adopts air pressure type, s o it’s anti-moisture, insulating and safe.

360 Individual brake wheel features easy movement and high safety.

The fastening rack installed at the side makes the suction tube be easily put.

Surgical suction: Its smaller caliber is suitable for general vacuum.

Obstetrical suction: Its bigger caliber is suitable for artificial abortion. Smaller caliber can be also used to suck baby out.

Surgical & OBS. Select Valve on the panel can be switched, so there is no trouble of changing tube and it’s more efficient.

The built-in alarm will sound “beep-beep” when suction power exceeds 650mm/hg. When sounding the alarm exceeds 30 seconds, there will be a long “beep-beep” sound. At this time, user must reduce the suction power under to 550mm/hg and then the alarm will stop. This function serves to suck baby out.

Oil less vacuum Pump with twin cylinder piston pump design  (low noise and wear resistance). Non-polution, free maintenance, low power consumption and long lifespan.



Voltage AC 120V or 240V

Current 2.4A or 1.2A

Max.HP: 250W 1/3HP

Vacuum pressure: 10~720mm/Hg

Max. Flow rate: 80 liter/min

Capacity: 3000 c.c. + 3000 c.c.

Foot control: Air pressure type

Machine size: L45 x W35 x H84(cm)

Net Weight: 19.5Kg

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