About us

PT Serenity Indonesia offers a wide range of high quality medical supplies for wholesale distribution in Asia Pacific. Our products are designed in the United Kingdom by our parent company Serenity Global Ltd. Products we offer range from hospital use to the home kits, from large units to disposable single-use items. As part of our core focus, we are constantly updating and enriching our product ranges to meet the highest standards and fulfil customer demand.


Our focus is on providing high quality medical products at very competitive prices. Our aim is to meet all your medical supplies needs and provide excellent value for money. We aim to take away the hassle of shopping around for various products by giving you everything you need in one place at a great value. This saves you time, which is the highest value commodity in today's world. 

The Team

PT Serenity Indonesia operates a team of medical product professionals and talented sales executives who operate in the local market. Combined with their extensive knowledge and experience in the local market,  they deliver excellent value to our customers on a regular basis.

Why us?

The provide exceptional value for money by having a "one-stop-shop" for our customers, giving them the freedom of selecting a wide range of high quality medical products and placing an order all in one place. We strive to add new products on a regular basis, making sure that our customers are happy and always have the best products there are.


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